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And this is when we shift, we pivot into 2021✨

I remember over 4 years ago feeling as if I could help make a difference in the lives of others while uniting women going through different phases of life. I wondered how I could help women feel confident on the outside but would start from the inside. Through my motherhood journey it taught me strength. I had a child who I fought for day after day and it really toned my mommy muscles. But, one day when my husband was laid off, we lost everything. We had health and each other, really what’s most important. This was our first major transition. It was our first dramatic plot twist, shift. Either I could sink with my ship or throw water out...

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Fashion gives you a voice without saying one damn thing!

Welcome to our very first blog post! We are so happy and grateful that you are here with us...  We all know that when we feel good in what we are wearing, we then feel more confident. But, what if we wanted to feel more confident and empower others to do the same without saying one word (except maybe hello of course in passing by)? Well, this is where our humble but fierce statement tees come into play. They are simple but make a point and empower you simultaneously.  The cool part about a statement tee is that it is so versatile! Let's say you are going to the beach wearing a one or two piece, wear the tee, knot...

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