Fashion gives you a voice without saying one damn thing!

Welcome to our very first blog post! We are so happy and grateful that you are here with us... 

We all know that when we feel good in what we are wearing, we then feel more confident. But, what if we wanted to feel more confident and empower others to do the same without saying one word (except maybe hello of course in passing by)? Well, this is where our humble but fierce statement tees come into play. They are simple but make a point and empower you simultaneously. 

The cool part about a statement tee is that it is so versatile! Let's say you are going to the beach wearing a one or two piece, wear the tee, knot it up and a cool hat to style up the outfit. Trust us, this in of itself is a hot summer trend. Maybe you want to go out for a girl's night or with your man and not sure what to wear...girl, we got you. Do you have a blazer or vintage jean jacket? Now, black is always a must, however, if you can find a neon pink or bold emerald green blazer (neon is hot right now) to pair with your tee, throw on some ripped jeans and our fave...pointy heels. If you're going to the gym or barre (or an actual bar, wink wink), pair your tee with one of our high waisted leggings such as the Black Star or the gorgeous Vibe Snakeskin that make you feel like you can conquer the world. So many options for one item! Don't be afraid to wear a bright lippy too! Our fave color is Lady Danger by Mac Cosmetics, an orangey-red that will have people drooling as they walk by. And, let us just tell you that this color will give you confidence! No joke. You could be wearing pajamas and if you apply this color it instantly changes the outfit and your mood. It is like your bed. If you have a house that needs some tidying up but don't have the time, just make your bed. A freshly made bed changes the entire look and feel of your room and house. See where we are going with this? If you are more of a nude lippy kind of gal, don't fret. Nude is always a safe bet! But remember, you can wear it any way you choose because all you really need is to #JustWearSelfConfidence. We can't wait to see how you rock your new i AM BLANK PERIOD clothing and tell us how it empowers you by tagging us @iAMBLANKPERIOD, #iAMBLANKPERIOD, #JustWearSelfConfidence and #iAMBPCrew because you are officially part of the crew! 

P.S. - Don't forget to send us your #BLANKPERIOD and story behind it so that we can feature you. We will feature someone from our crew monthly! Keep shining girl, you got this!


Tiffany Conde

Chief Empowerer and Founder of i AM BLANK PERIOD