October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month and we want to make an impact with your help! Today we honor and share Juliet's story.

Hey #iAMHOODCrew and #iAMBPCrew!

Did you know that October is the pink month? The month where we celebrate and honor all women (and men) who have been impacted or have had family and friends impacted by breast cancer. 

As a brand, our mission is to build community and create conversation around topics that are often difficult to discuss.  Have you been personally affected by breast cancer?

We have a personal friend (a male) who passed away from it, two aunts that have successfully beat it and many friends of the family and distant family members that have had it as well. It is a disease that is devastating, aggressive and can strip so much away from the life of so many.

How can we do our part to help? We have started a campaign here in South Florida to give back. We have designed and created a BOLD for BOOBIES tee that is a conversation starter. We did this in hopes that if we create conversation we can educate and inspire women to get checked because early diagnosis can save lives. We make the shirts right here in South Florida. It can be cut into a crop, tank, tied in a knot, wear it, support the movement and feel empowered while empowering others.

We feature three women in our photos who have been affected by breast cancer.  They are the faces of this disease, women just like you and I. Juliet, one of our crew members, has chosen a local breast cancer charity to give back the proceeds that we raise with this tee. We wanted to honor her and donate it in her name in collaboration with i AM BP. 20% of every tee sold will be donated. If you purchase one of our EXCLUSIVE #BOLDforBOOBIES Breast Cancer tee, please tag us to be featured and purchase knowing it is for a cause. We appreciate you in advance and thank you for supporting them and us as we rise together and empower one another.

Juliet's inspiring Breast Cancer journey:

In June 2017, my annual mammogram at the Womens Health & Wellness Institute showed some calcifications in my left breast. The radiologist said that 80% of the time calcifications are benign and not to worry. The area was biopsied a few days later and I was scheduled to see a breast specialist for the results two days after that. I was concerned when they called me in the morning of my appointment to see if I could come in earlier. All I remember after hearing “yes, it’s cancer” was everything going dark around me like I was going to faint. The tears flowed as I tried to comprehend what the doctor was telling me. I had early stage Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) where the cancer was in my milk duct.


Although the cancer was in its early stages, I ended up having 3 surgeries from July to November to remove the cancer and to undergo breast reconstruction from a double mastectomy. I opted for a double mastectomy in August after the results from the pathology report from the lumpectomy in July showed that the breast surgeon did not get all of the cancer, and that it was extended beyond the margins of what he took out. I had a choice to opt for another lumpectomy to remove more tissue followed by 30 days of radiation, to have a single mastectomy, or to have a double mastectomy to remove all of the breast tissue from both breasts. After consulting with another doctor and speaking with family and friends, I opted for the latter. 


I did not require radiation or chemotherapy because there was no sign that the cancer had spread when they biopsied my sentinel lymph nodes. Also, the doctor told me had I waited another year to get my annual mammogram most likely the cancer would have spread even more. It has been 2 years since my surgery and I have gotten good news at my 6 month check-ups. Although they removed all of the tissue, there still is a very small chance that the cancer might return, so I will have to get a breast MRI every three years in addition to the check-ups. 


I can truly say I am a survivor and moving forward with my life. I would not have gotten through this difficult time without the support of good friends and family, my faith and my strength.  I felt like I had no choice but to beat this cancer because I had two kids who relied on me and lots of people who love me. One of my favorite quotes is “Always remember you are braver than you think, loved more than you know, and stronger than you seem.” i AM STRONG.


Juliet Dalton


Thank you for your love and support with this campaign. Keep shining!


Tiff and Crew